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Here’s Bad News For You If You Dislike Sheebah’s ‘Glitzy Sheer’ Jumpsuits

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Singer Sheebah Karungi is a real style chameleone, always experimenting with styles and trends. Her latest obsession are glitzy sheer jumpsuits which are aptly made by new it-fashion house ‘Glitz by Nalu‘. She wore a yellow bedazzled jumpsuit during her Asfa2017 performance slipping into another at Buzz Leavers Rock the next morning. The internet has so far received the singer’s new style with mixed reactions, some referring to it as ‘sheer nakedness’ while others just couldn’t understand her choice of colour at the ASFAs.

But the ‘John Rambo’ singer isn’t here for your games, she announced on IG this afternoon that we’re going to see more of these glitzy sheer jumpsuits.


Sad for you if you dislike her new look. Very sad!

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