‘Gucci Grace’ Mugabe’s Insatiable Love For Couture in Pictures 

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Now former Zimbabwe’s former First Lady, Grace Mugabe didn’t become ‘Gucci Grace’ by chance, her love for luxury shopping sprees at exquisite high fashion stores in Europe earned her the infamous title. Her addiction to expensive jewelry, designer shoes and clothing is written on allover the walls of Harare. In 2014 she organised the wedding of Mugabe’s daughter Bona that reportedly cost $5 million  and was attended by over 4000 guests with caters flown in from Singapore.

It is also reported that her wardrobe is the envy of many Hollywood celebrities. Her extensive collection of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes is one to marvel at. In fact, she only wears shoes from the Italian brand because of a reason.  “I have very narrow feet, so I can only wear Ferragamos,” she once told  a reporter.

Luxury brands are going to miss a First Lady client, but they surely won’t miss Grace Mugabe’s dollars. The family has amassed enough wealth to last them a lifetime, at least for now!

Here are few pictures of what it means to be ‘Gucci Grace’!

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