Get an Exclusive Look Inside The 2017 Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 

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Here’s an exclusive look inside Serena Hotel Victoria Hall during the 2017 Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards which held last Friday. This being the fashion event of the year, we didn’t have our cameras focused on the red carpet the whole evening only, but also inside the hall where all the action happened.

See exclusive images of award giveaways, performances and showcases from that unforgettable moment when our creative director arrived fashionably late to pick our award to Alecool Clothing’s epic IB Kamara inspired collection.

The showcases


This was like a movie


Sheebah arrived on stage in sheer jumpsuit and matching cape


Sheeba Kassami Pemba’s showcase


The showcase ended with a performance from Rozmerie, Viccy and Cathy


Bettinah Tianah receives her award for Best Dressed Media Personality


Pherrie how did we miss that head piece on the red carpet


Calm down guys. You have a lot to say about my dress, but I wore it to impress me not you!


Now, everyone is wondering why there’s a lot of blue on the stage


And the Beat FM ladies were all in black


More showcases


What are you looking at Mr. Alibhai?


Nana Akua Addo carried that glass all the way to the top


Guys relax.. I also don’t know how I ended up backstage at an event where I’m not part of the crew


Deyonce looks on in admiration as Kenyan blogger Silvia Njoki receives her award for Best Fashion Blogger Africa


Who are these brides?


This must be Mai Atafo


And indeed it was..


We want to wear all these dresses…


The famous Beauty and the Beast Moment happened


A beautiful bride serenaded us all through the showcase


No wonder he ended up receiving the award for Fashion icon of the year


Of course Brian Ahumuza had to make a surprisingly unexpected appearance


Zahara Totto and Bettinah can’t stop admiring Idris Sultan! Who wouldn’t?


Shortly after, Mafikizolo takes to the stage


Do you want more? You haven’t even seen a thing yet..


It’s about to get bloody..


It’s building up… phones out


Judith Heard is couldn’t miss this epic party


Judith Heard and her dress dancing away


David Tlale knows how to close an event


Have we slayed you?


Tina of Tina Brad store had to invite her mum to stage


The definition of glitz and glamour


Did we forget Alex Alecool’s epic showcase ?


The guy is a f….n genius


Photos by Hanny Photography 

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