Finally Ugandan designers will dress Juliana on #TPF6

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It has been long since we got this exciting news. Ugandan fashion designers should brace themselves as this might send them to their studios in a bid to take center stage. I cannot help but divulge this.

In an exclusive interview with the leading fashion blog in Kampala (which is us), the Kora award winning star opened up on her plans forseason 6 of Tusker Project fame. She revealed that unlike the previous seasons, this one is giving chance to groups. 

‘Some singers can only sound as good as they should be when they are in a group. We are giving them a chance,” she said. This is good news for many budding groups. Unfortunately from what I’ve gathered only one group made it to top 17. This is an opportunity that Uganda might have failed to utilize. 

judge Juliana

She wore a sequined top on the Sunday auditions.

On returning to the show for another season, the ‘Eddiba’ singer answered with a nostalgic grin on her face. “It feels like school where you go home for holidays and then return for another school term. Its exciting meeting the team once again. We are now friends. It’s really exciting and I cannot wait to sit on that table once again,” she mused.

I asked her about what we should expect from her fashion wise on the show and she answered what would have been my follow up question.

“For the first time in #TPF history, I’m giving Ugandan designers a chance to dress me on the show. I’m also giving this same opportunity to stylists in boutiques who feel they have it takes!”

This is the most exciting news we got over the weekend. Tusker Project Fame is a huge platform – the show is watched by  fans in over 6 countries in the East Africa. Any designer would do anything to have this lime light. Our own Juliana is offering you this opportunity to dress her on the show if you have what it takes. Obviously we shall keep you posted on how to take a lead on this.


Hard at work on Saturday’s auditions.

After this I had no more questions, she had to run back to the audition room to do her job. She wore a denim blouse with embellishments on the collar for Saturday and went sequined on Sunday. Diva indeed.


Photo credit: Achola Flight Captain Rosario

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