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Street style is not something that Kampala people know or appreciate. This being the first post in this category I wish to enlighten ourselves on what street style is all about. Street fashion is that considered not to be from the studios but the streets or hall ways. Street style could be how you dress up on a Saturday evening on errands or how you dress up for lectures at campus. It is the usual off schedule style. Since you are way from your office suit,  it is chance to 486613_514284485285179_1323459807_n 522471_466381170075511_1155618675_n  525624_503306356382992_4666692_n 542378_489211414459153_1985100981_n 549379_512280642152230_379688547_n 14910_489025587811069_1102950363_n 21998_495289850517976_1329476829_n 58793_524884104225217_701282597_n 254762_481073978606230_1219417051_n exude your sense of style.

It is most associated with urban youth culture. Fashion week goers around the major cities in the world developed a phenomenon of using street style to accentuate their personal style senses.

Brian is a friend of mine so to say. I would want to have the next post from one of you readers. Brian’s style is simple. Just careful mixing and matching. He appreciates colour and knows what colour can do to any look.  He is arguably one of the most fashionable men in Kampala thanks to that.

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