Before & After: The Most Dramatic Celebrity Transformations You’ve Probably Never Noticed

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Change in body appearance is always inevitable especially with age. However, being in the spotlight makes  it almost impossible to avoid it. Celebrities undergo a lot of pressure to look and dress a certain way, thus the drastic change in appearance, once they get into the limelight.

For some it’s a change in fashion choices, while others it’s a drastic change in body appearance. From Fille, who sort of found the perfect eyebrow artist, to Rema whose body appearance has changed so much in a such a short time.

See the before and after.

Fille before and after

Sheilah Gashumba before and after

Cindy Sanyu before & after

Leila Kayondo before and after

Spice Diana before and after

Rema before and after

Zari before and after

Sheebah before and after

Who are the other celebs you feel have had major transformations over the years? Sound off in the message box below.

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