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Ayak Veronica Stars in KONA Accessories’ New ‘Ensi Collection’ Campaign

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Fresh after her signing with international agencies The Squad London and Women Management Milano and Paris, Ayak Veronica stars in KONA Accessories’ new ‘Ensi Collection’ holiday campaign. She sports a bold lip as she models pieces from the collection.

According to the brand, the collection is inspired by the “Bògòlanfini” and pays homage to to the culture and tradition of Africa.

“Bògòlanfini” is a composition of three words. Bogo meaning “earth” or “mud”, lan meaning “with” and fini meaning “cloth”. If you say it together it means mudcloth.

“Mudcloth holds a very significant place in the art and fashion culture of Africa. In fact, its earthy tones are not just soothing, but they complement every outfit, and that’s what makes it so versatile,” says a statement on their website.

Ayak was photographed by Giulio Molfese and makeup was done by Pamela Musimenta.

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The ENSI Collection is available at BOLD AFRICA at Acacia Mall and Design Collective by Diana Opoti in Kenya.

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