All The Weird Things People Wore at The 2017 Pearl of Africa Fashion Awards 

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The inaugural Pearl of Africa Fashion Awards held last Saturday at Sky Beach Freedom City. As usual, the fashion crowd was out to play and, playing they did. However, some people just decided to play too much making some of the most bizarre style choices ever. Here are a few of those looks that had us asking, but why?

Great idea, not so great execution!

No, my dear. No! Not on the red carpet. It would have looked better without that coat.


What is that you’re doing? You in the fringed top?


This actually slutty!


Such a beautiful tunic by Ras Kasozi ruined beyond repair.




Young man and your female friends are at the wrong address..


This is not just so dark, it’s scary too!


Such a handsome man, who made no effort at all.


Are we safe?




Get up already, the organizer of the event is hurting!


This relationship won’t last.. Believe me


Sweet heart. those shoes no way!


This is bad!


The back view is no better. Go home!


Why? Why?


Great hair. Weird fashion!




Sporty chic meets ballerina meets Cleopatra ends up into a disaster!


Photos by Hanny Photography

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  1. Denise

    December 8, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    Ugandanz really need a serious lecture to talk abt what to wear and when to wear it for one comes dressed as though they are going to a bar bt for a red carpet event hoo tulibubi

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