9 secrets about cellulite your beautician may not know

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Cellulite is the dimpled appearance of the skin that occurs when fat deposits sit just below the skin’s surface. This is a common problem, particularly for women. The thighs, buttocks and stomach are the most common areas where cellulite builds up. Cellulite typically shows up sometime after puberty. While it is an unsightly and sometimes embarrassing condition, it is not a dangerous problem, and it is not necessarily a sign of obesity. Even slender people can develop cellulite, because everyone has fat just underneath the skin.

1. A little color can make those lady lumps less noticeable. But in the end cellulite is a skin issue and tanning damages your skin. So keep your golden glow fake. Try a self-tanning spray or cream instead.
2. No need to banish carbs or go low-fat. No miracle foods or magic diets can make cellulite vanish. The best “cellulite diet”? The same kind of diet that’s best for most everything:
Eat lots of vegetables and fruits
• Pick whole grains instead of refined
• And choose lean protein
• you are not alone! If you’re unhappy with your thighs, remember that about 80% of women have cellulite. Even supermodels!

3.Cellulite does tend to look worse as you age — it’s natural. To fight back, make sure you get up and move. Cellulite can be more noticeable if you don’t exercise. Working out can’t fix your skin or get rid of the “cottage cheese” look, but it can burn overall fat and boost muscle tone. Give it a shot.
4. If you’re overweight, dropping a few pounds can’t hurt. Extra body fat can make cellulite more obvious.
5. It’s unfair, but true: Cellulite is usually a woman thing. It’s a matter of hormones. Cellulite is basically the way a woman’s body stores fat to make sure she has enough to have a baby. Men who are obese may have cellulite. So can men who have extra female hormones, but that’s pretty unusual.
6. Some experts think that the hormones in birth control pills can lead to cellulite but there is no proof, so don’t stress.
7. Sadly, no cream can make you cellulite-free forever. If you’re looking to get firmer thighs for a new dress or bathing suit time, some creams can help — briefly. Anti-cellulite creams with caffeine firm up your skin for about six hours.
8. Whether you’re a DIY kind of girl or like to go to the spa, wraps may be your best bet for a weekend getaway. Shrinking wraps may smooth the “orange peel” look for a bit. Moisturizing wraps may plump up your skin to help smooth the appearance of bumps. Just ready your expectations — they won’t last weeks, only a day or two at most. But if you’re already close to your target, losing too much weight can make cellulite look worse.
9. Like over-the-counter remedies, most cosmetic procedures don’t have lasting results.In 2012, a new laser treatment made headlines. But the jury is still out on how well it works and for how long.

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