8 Hotels and Restaurants With Really Amazing Scenic Views of Kampala

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Finding a great place to go eat or spend your quality time is one thing, finding a place where you’ll having an amazing scenic view of this beautiful country is another. There’s literally a restaurant and hotel at the next turn you take as you move above in Kampala. They all might have good food and a great ambience, but do they make you fall in love with your country? Here is our guide of the top eight spots with a scenic view of Kampala that will leave you falling more in love with Uganda and its capital specifically. That is if you haven’t already!

  1. Cassia Lodge
    Located on Buziga Hill in the outskirts of Kampala, Cassia Lodge offers a unique and beautiful view of the city.

  1. Holy Crepe
    Holy Crepe is a restaurant on the top of Kololo Hill that specializes in crepes on its menu. To add to its unique style the view of the restaurant is simply breathtaking!

3.Hotel Diplomate
Hotel Diplomate is one of the oldest hotels in Kampala, located in Muyenga, Tankhill road. You are able to see a big part of the city from the top of the hill.

4. Speke Apartments
These are located on Wampewo Avenue and have an interesting view of the city center. You can see the busy Kampala street and it looks amazing at night.

5. Golf Course Hotel
Located in the heart of the city, Golf Course Hotel has a great view of the beautifully mowed Golf course lawn.

6. Nawab Restaurant
Nawab Indian Restaurant on Acacia Mall rooftop provides a peaceful, calm space with the view of Kampala’s green and a few of the city’s tall buildings!

  1. Sir Jose
    Located in Ggaba, Sir Jose Hotel has a scenic view of Lake Victoria.

  1. Aangan Restaurant
    On Lugogo Bypass, Aangan restaurant is another nice and quiet place where the overview of the beautiful city of Kampala is in sight!

Discovering nice hangouts like this is fun and it reminds you of what a beautiful country we live in. As the long Independence weekend sets in take time to visit some of these spots. For more details on accommodation for hotels check out Jumia Travel, to order some of the delicious meals in the restaurants mentioned above, Jumia Food is the site for you!
Stay Adventurous!

Cynthia Tumwine is the PR Manager at Jumia Travel Uganda

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