5 Things You’re Going To Regret You Didn’t Wear in 2017 

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2018 is less than two weeks away. What have you not done that you wished you had done? What have you not worn that you wished you had rocekd? Well, you have a few days to not live a life of regrets next year. Fashion has been so bold this year, and the faint of heart have had no chance to explore. We have a list of things we are convinced many of us are going to regret we didn’t wear in 2017.

  1. Yellow

The political atmosphere has been quite tense this year which made everyone afraid of wearing yellow. Believe me, yellow is many people’s favourite colour but they haven’t worn it as much. Just yesterday, Leila Kayondo shared photos of her wearing a yellow pantsuit, and she was on fire.

2. Glitter boots 

When fashion blogger Miss Amarachi stepped on the red carpet at the Pearl of Africa fashion awards in a pair of glitter boots, the internet was not amused. The boots were immediately named the worst fashion trend of the year. Days later, everyone from Beyonce, Kendall Jenner, Nicki Minaj has been spotted wearing these boots. It’s not too late to be on trend, just saying.

3. Manromper 

This is one of the standout menswear trends of the year and probably the most controversial too. You see, it’s always a bad trend until you see people bravely explore it. At the just concluded Blankets and wine festival, a number of stylish men were spotted wearing the romper super tastefully. They made us all wish we had jumped on board earlier.

4. Fanny Packs 

Fanny packs are cool. Who wouldn’t want to wear a multitasking bag? A bag that can carry all your tools of vanity and still allow you to carry other things with your hands. Well, if you didnt wear this bag, you might have to regret all through next year.

5. Sleepwear 

Who knew that sleepwear could be hot fashion? It has been this year. That however doesn’t mean that everyone has worn sleepwear. Many of us still frown up people we chance upon wearing pajama sets or nighties out in public. We are all in for a regretful 2018.


What other things do you think you’re going to regret you didn’t wear this year? Sound off in the message box below. 


  1. Hazel

    December 21, 2017 at 1:39 am

    Those glitter boots look like elephantiasis. I’ll pass

    • satisfashionug

      December 21, 2017 at 6:44 am

      I officially rest my case on this matter..

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