5 Style Lessons You Can Get from Kim Swagga

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Kim Swagga is one of the most stylish men in Kampala, thanks to his forward-thinking sartorial choices. It is no shocker that his styling resume includes big names such as Jose Chameleone and King Saha. You might not afford the big name brands he wears, or his styling genius, but thank us, because we have some lessons right from his personal style which you can incorporate into your own wardrobe. Please note, you have to be a big risk taker to take cue from Kim Swagga.

Kim Swagga (1)

There’s no such thing as minimalism when you can put it all together. The bomber in camouflage print is the standout piece here, all the black is muted down because of it. Always have a standout piece to add life to a look that would have come off as bland and boring.


Kim Swagga (2)

Your hair is everything. You can do almost anything with it. Here, his ‘interesting’ hairdo makes the entire look interesting. Notice the rolled cuffs? They draw attention to his brogues. Take note! 

Kim Swagga (3)

White on white is very cool if layered well. And you can break all those boring shoe rules. Go for colour. 

Kim Swagga (4)

What is the definition of a red carpet look? In Kim’s world, that means standing out. It doesn’t matter if you have to wear graphic pants on a look that should have been formal. But, red carpet doesn’t mean formal. Formal is heading to the office. So, break all those rules.

Kim Swagga (5)

Sometimes you have to go subtle, and have fun, especially if you are hosting a party. 

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