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5 Menswear Trends to Follow in 2018 

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Fashion trends are of a cyclic nature, they come and go. Some last much longer than others, but they still eventually go. We all know how this can have its toll on your wallet when you spend lots of money on clothing you love, and then six months after it’s all out of style. However, for 2018 there are menswear trends that won’t last only six months, but a very long time.

This is my pick of the trends to follow this year.


#1 THE 70/ 90’s LOOK

 Seems like fashion designers are running out of ridiculous ideas so they decided to look to the past for inspiration. 2017 saw so many designers come up with collections inspired by the 70/ 90’s. I honestly love this look. It suits men that love that vintage/ timeless class looks (such as myself).


Again, for those of that are fans of classic vintage looks, this is for you. I saw a lot of fashionistas especially on Instagram wearing these amazing shirts in floral print. I also saw them being worn with suits, which according to me was quite off. I prefer pairing them with simple cropped slim fit chino pants.


2017 also saw the rise of utilitarian clothing. Basically, putting this look together is as easy as wearing jackets and pants designed with a functional purpose in mind such as construction, maintenance work. This is not something I would wear, but I love its appearance.



Gone are the days when sagging your pants was cool. In 2017, high waisted pants made a steady return. These pants are often made to sit just above your hip bones or around your belly button. The look is perfect for short guys as it makes them look taller. If you’re a tall guy (5”9 and above) I don’t recommend these pants for you. Also, if you’re a plus size guy, don’t try it because it will make you look really feminine (in my opinion).


Athleisure is a trend where clothing that’s traditionally meant for sports, working out and other athletic activities is worn not to do that, but to look good. The trend has been around and is definitely going nowhere. But in 2017, a new nineties vintage vibe was added to it which supported the rise of retro sportswear (sportswear that is imitative of the past).

Obviously, 2017 was a big year in fashion especially for those that love classic timeless fashion pieces. There are other trends that are worth noting such as vertical stripes ( these surprisingly make you look taller and slimmer and I love them), dad jeans (which I hated so much) and so much more.

Over here at, we promise to keep you abreast of all the trends as they come in.

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