5 Do’s and Don’t’s to make the most of #JumiaBlackFriday

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#JumiaBlackFriday is drawing close, are you ready to make the most of it? We think you should. Take note of the following as we get to November 27th.


  • Don’t send bae to camp in front of the Jumia warehouse on the night before Black Friday!
  • Do download the Jumia app on your smartphone or leave the Jumia website open on your computer to make sure you are one of the first to access the website when Black Friday goes live at midnight, on November 27


  • Don’t stand behind the door and eavesdrop on your cousin who works for Jumia to discover what the deals are!
  • Do subscribe to Jumia’s Black Friday special newsletter and be the first to see what fantastic deals you can get your hands on during Black Friday!


  • Don’t spend the night before on the phone to your side dish or playing video games on your computer!
  • Do keep your computer or smartphone on charge all night to make sure they survive the day of festivities and intense clicking!


  • Don’t give in to panic trying to call Jumia’s customer service for help on Black Friday! Stress does not look good on you.
  • Do keep calm and email them at or on Jumia’s live chat on the website and speak directly to an agent! Our customer service line will be closed exceptionally on Black Friday to concentrate all our team’s effort on confirming your many orders!


  • Don’t think you can handle Black Friday madness on your own!
  • Do maximize the chances of getting THE deal by asking some of your friends to clickclickclickclick from their respective smart phones or computers. It is a team’s work! But beware: your friends might be tempted by the juicy offers and keep the deals to themselves!

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