13 Struggles Only Girls Who Love Fashion Will Understand

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As a girl who loves fashion, I go through ‘painful’ experiences only I or other fashion-obsessed girls will understand. Imagine all the compliments you get showered with everytime you post a photo of you wearing a jumpsuit on social media. Only a handful of them will understand when you tell them that it’s not all roses and gold.

Here are more struggles only you and I understand

  1. Money: This could be the biggest challenge every fashion girl faces. There is a way these fashion trends never go easy on the pocket. It’s worse when you have to choose to not buy a dress simply because of its price tag. Terrible feeling it is!
  2. Body shape: Growing up we were all told that we’re created in God’s image.  Unfortunately, the reality is God’s image doesn’t mean we all look the same. Body shapes and sizes vary, there are those clothes you’re never going to wear because your body shape doesn’t favour them.
  3.  Society: Why do they have to dictate what I should or shouldn’t wear? It’s just a short dress, it’s not like I’m an evil girl. Can’t a girl slay and not get judged for it?
  4. Trouble: Oops! Do you remember the purple dress I bought to wear to my birthday party in June? Last night at Guvnor I spotted a slay queen wearing the exact dress snap chatting away! Imagine the pain I had to go through getting the dress. Now I have to order for something custom made.
  5. Weight: When the only thing preventing you from looking like Rihanna is your bulging tummy. I mean you have everything else.. Sass, poise, style and more. Duhhh
  6. More trouble: Yes, you know exactly what you want to wear. You even have quite a number of clothes to choose from. But, here you are stuck and unsure of what to wear. Asking boo to help you make a choice doesn’t help at all as all he says is “Honey, you look great in both dresses.” Stressful!
  7. Even more trouble: Your closet is full of beautiful clothes. But you still have to buy a new dress to wear to your friend’s kids party. Because she has seen you wearing everything you own, and every day is slay day!
  8. My clothes my life: Even when you’re stuck with lots of clothes you barely wear, you don’t want to give away even a single one of them. Your friends are only allowed to borrow and return without fail.
  9. Skinny jeans: That morning when you’re late for school or work but still have to struggle to wear those skinny jeans you picked out last night.
  10. No way: So you’re rocking this outfit that everyone seems to love. Everything is fine until someone asks where you bought the outfit from. That’s a secret you surely don’t want to reveal because you don’t want everyone looking like you do. “Aahh.. I don’t remember, I’ll check the tag when I get home….”
  11. Vibe killer: When you think you’ve totally rocked that look but no one seems to notice nor throw a compliment at you. Or you believe you aren’t getting as many compliments as you should for a dress you’re wearing. You literally have to walk the red carpet again at the end of the event to make sure no photographer leaves the venue without taking photos of you.
  12. Painful: Wearing those vinyl plastic boots just to take photos.
  13. Uncomfortable: Only girls that wear jumpsuits know that it’s not roses and gold. So you’re slaying in your jumpsuit and boom you’re dying to pee. You literally have to take the whole thing off and put it back on, all by yourself. And you still don’t consider yourself a superhero!

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  1. Lillian

    January 24, 2018 at 11:53 am

    The truth in this is just amazing 😂😂

    • lynn

      January 24, 2018 at 5:33 pm

      Love no.11 so true

  2. Rogers

    January 24, 2018 at 7:03 pm

    Wow… My girl will not have to suffer that way…
    Should make this a comfortable thing to undergo…

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