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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts He Will Love 

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A Drop in the Ocean. ” Janworry” is gone. We’re in February. Forget about “Fifi De Queen’s Fablove’. I’m  talking about February the month of love. We must admit though, her traditional wedding was one of the highlights of the month.

Much as February has robbed us of our golden boy Radio, the onus is now on us to appreciate the people we love when we still can. This includes doing special things for them. Since we’re (women) always on the receiving end, how about we change the game this Valentine’s day and surprise our men? Forget about the “tell” theory, he has probably heard the “I love you line” year in year out.  It’s high time you showed him you care. Because Satisfashion UG appreciates fashion and love in equal measures. Here are a few gift ideas that work.

 But before you get excited you have to know your man. Be keen. Keep it simple. Let it be from the heart.  The beauty is in the details.
1. A nice wallet – Most guys are too lazy to buy themselves wallets. Let alone nice ones. That explains why most of them carry one old wallet year in year out. If your man is one of those, surprise him with a wallet.  A little Gucci or D&G won’t hurt.
2. A nice designer belt – Every man needs a belt. And, that means a nice leather belt. One he’ll use for months and not have the need to replace it.
3. A Wristwatch – There’s something about a nice wristwatch. The way it oozes class and elegance. Get a nice wristwatch and elevate him to a classy man.
4. Cologne – Truth is, we all love a man who smells fresh and good every minute. Pick for him a nice cologne with a scent that’ll drive both of you crazy.
5. A Shirt – Get him a shirt with an African touch. There’s something sexy and rich about African fabrics. And yes, you heard me right. Even men love to feel sexy. You could go ahead and have something custom tailored for him.
6. Good sex – There’s nothing as frustrating as bad sex. Ladies, you all can agree with me. Much as they sugarcoat it, men love to have their sex good. Give him mind-blowing sex. Take time to understand his body and do only the things he likes. Wear lingerie that screams ‘sexy’and give him a treat he will live to remember.
7. Boxers – Most men are too lazy to buy boxers.  Surprise him with cute boxer shorts. He’ll have you in mind everytime he wears them.
8. A pair of Shorts – This is a bit tricky because not every man looks good in shorts. However, if he has nice legs, shorts are ideal. Tell him that he’ll look stunning in them.
9. Take him on a vacation. If your wallet can afford to give the two of you a vacation for two, why not splurge? Take him somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A weekend away from the busy work schedules might be what he needs.
10. A sports jersey. Get him a jersey of his favourite team with his name emblazoned on it and tell him to enjoy the UEFA champions league, there will be two games that night airing from 9:45 pm.    1. Chelsea Vs Barcelona  2.Real Madrid Vs PSG. Go ahead and let him go out and watch the match with his boys.
What other ideal gifts do you have in mind? Sound off in the message box below.
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